Online training + Certification
Online training + Certification
Online training + Certification

Online training + Certification

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Comprehensive online training with 50+ pages on learning materials and all the needed contracts, care instructions. Also contains actual training videos. The price includes support + online examination with an instructor. After a successful examination, the student gets an Everyoung Hyaluron Pen Certificate.

Web access to online training
All students receive web access to online-training where some of the techniques as well as many medical aspects related to treatment are explained in more detail. We have understood that only those students will become successful long term who are able to answer the most complicated questions from future clients and establish a reputation to themselves as being truly professional.

Learning materials and marketing materials
Participants receive a full workbook, contracts as well as all the marketing materials needed to get started with providing the service. The amount of material on the platform is growing constantly and the student shall receive many free updates. Our goal and the basis of our success is students actually being smart and professional. This means that they get comprehensive and wide background information in addition to technical skills.

Starter kits and pens
There are lots of different pens on the market. We have tested all that we have been able to find. We can always consult you how you can get the best tools. We have exceptional engineering competence and we can tell you about devices clearly and honestly.

Experienced team
We work with the most experienced and professional experts all over the world. In addition to that, the team includes professional support personnel, legal experts, medical professionals and dermatologists, and marketing staff.